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The Boys from the Girls

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

While checking our brand new frame stock this week, an interesting point for discussion came up in our team. In the case of frames, what makes a fashion or a style particularly suitable for men or for women? Where do you draw the line?

Now obviously there are many frames that men would not be seen dead in – anything coloured, twiddly, splattered with bling, bedecked with roses or butterflies etc etc. These are the easy ones. For girls however the possibilities are endless. How cute did Lilly Allen look in her massive boys geek frame? How chic is Anne Robinson in her cool rectangular metal? Yet both of these are styles that are traditionally worn by men.  For girls, the only boundary is how chunky they want to go, as it makes the face even more feminine to wear a big boys’ frame.

Of course some men have a penchant for the flamboyant, and we applaud you, brave boys who want bright red or green, or who love diamonds and want some glitter on their glasses. David Beckham is welcome to call us any time!! Most however insist that specs are totally functional and they don’t want to get involved in this girly fashion nonsense. They want simple, discreet specs, and if you have a small face, something plain from the women’s section might be the answer.

Unisex styles were all the rage a few years ago, but then as frames got bolder this very plain shape and style fell out of favour. Thicker sides cried out for decoration, and brightly coloured plastics overtook spindly metals in the fashion stakes. Rimless too tapped into the unisex look, but these are less popular over the past couple of years.

So the rule is not be ruled by convention, and if you like a frame don’t worry about the category it’s been fitted into. Embrace your masculine or feminine side and let your heart rule your head!

The Psychology Of Spex!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

It’s often said that eyes are the windows to the soul, the secret doorway to read innermost thoughts, the way to get some indication of what someone else is thinking. When we’re choosing glasses, do we give enough thought to the fact that specs are a barrier to our inner selves – and what should we take into account in our home and work lives?

It may sound pretty obvious, but many people do not think about how others will see them in their glasses. As an example, what if you’re in a caring profession, such as a counsellor or a nurse, what impact will your glasses have on your patients? A dark, heavy frame with a tinted lens would mask your eyes, and may create a block between you and your client. You won’t appear to empathise if your thoughts are hidden. A tinted lens will increase this distance between you and the vulnerable person who’s seeking your help. You would be wise to choose a light frame, which doesn’t create that hurdle for your patient to get over, and add an anti-reflection coating to let them see your eyes clearly.

If you’re in a position where intimidation is useful (Anne Robinson – you know who you are!) then the right pair of glasses could be very beneficial to you! A small frame that you can peer over the top of will terrify your victims! Snootily looking down your nose at people is much easier if you have specs on! Likewise, a chunky frame with a tint will put distance between you, and make your thoughts unreadable.

Some people wear glasses to help create their work persona, or at least to enhance the image they have carefully been crafting. The lens coating and the style of the frame can all add to this image, and knowing that first impressions count, remember that glasses are one of the first things that people will see and therefore remember about you.

Famous Names In Frames

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

It’s reassuring to see that Celebrities are just like us mere mortals, and some need glasses. It’s interesting to look at celeb style, for if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then specs frame that vital insight into your hidden depths. So who’s wearing what? What can we learn from our style icons?

When you take a good look at who’s who on the box, it’s interesting to note that far fewer women then men are seen out in their specs. Vanity? Contact lenses? Are the girls more bothered about not obscuring their famous faces with glasses?

Specs can lend a certain gravitas to those in positions of authority – think of Trevor McDonald reading the news. Maybe Kate Silverton was inspired by this, she’s a great ambassador for spec wearers and has an extensive eyewear wardrobe. Many of her frames are suited to her grown up clothing style. Anne Robinson played up to her wicked schoolmarm image on the Weakest Link – at one point she claimed to have over forty pairs of specs – and struck even more terror into her victims hearts by glaring over the top rim at them.

Funky young male celebs love flaunting their spex appeal. Alan Carr makes a real feature of his, Gok Wan is a trend setter in his, going for the re-emerging deep square shape that’s filtering in this summer. Then there are those who stick to what suits them – Chris Evans in his plastics, a similar shape to the iconic RayBan Wayfarer sunspec, invented in the 1950s. Learn from the celebs and take a look at what they’re wearing, for they’re sure to be on trend if they’re on the box!