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A Little Extra Help

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Thanks to the wonders of lower prices and easy availability, few of us now have just one pair of glasses for everything. If you want to make your life a little easier, have a think about some of the situations where a little extra help might smooth the way…..what more could you ask for from under £10……

An Extra Reading Pair – many people only use their reading specs for the odd moment when fine detail is difficult, such as a menu in a dimly restaurant or threading a needle. This is fine until you realise you’ve put them down somewhere, or left them at work. A simple extra reading pair will mean you can leave them wherever you need them.

Prescription Sunglasses – Squinting in the sun and envying cool sunnie wearers is no longer necessary as economical  prescription sunglasses are now within everyone’s reach. You can choose any frame you like, or re-use an old one of your own, and have your lenses put in with a dark tint. Leave them in the car or take away with you on holiday. At least on the beach no-one will be able to tell where you’re looking!

Glasses for Sport – Golfers sometimes find it hard to see the ball in their varifocals, swimmers can’t see full stop without their prescription, and people who play bowls may struggle in fashionable shallow frames. All of these would find their sport much easier if they wore a deeper frame with single vision prescription lenses. Golfers would be able to see where they are aiming, and clearly see the ball, swimmers can manage perfectly well with specs, they give a wider field of vision than goggles and are more comfortable. Bowls is better if you can see with the head dipped.

Strong Readers – The power we can give for close work is not a set power as it for long distance sight. If you need extra strength for fine detail – jewellery or card making, embroidery, tying flies, then we can calculate a higher prescription for you. This will give you more magnification at a closer distance, which will be comfortable for your job or hobby and make vision easier.

Whatever you do, we can make things better with an extra pair. Mail or phone us if you need advice, and we can give that little bit of extra help!