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For Good Measure!

Friday, August 28th, 2009

The art and science of making glasses is an interesting blend of expertise, experience and complex physics. With respect to making your spectacle lenses, we have to take your prescription and accurately make your lenses to the powers stated by your optician. The strength they give us corrects your sight for the required distance; – far, intermediate and near.

Besides the power, we need another piece of information – the measurements that put the lenses in the correct place to make your sight comfortable. For all glasses we would ideally like to know the distance between your pupils, the inter pupillary distance. For very high prescriptions – over plus or minus ten, this could cause problems with eye strain if it’s not right. For lower powers it’s not too much of an issue, although we always make it accurate for any strength.

You can ask your optician to give you your pupil distance after your eye test, or if you haven’t got it, take it yourself – see the IGC website for instructions – could make for a fun evening’s entertainment if you enlist the help of a friend!

If you can’t manage this then don’t despair, we can still make glasses for you. Thanks to our huge amounts of data regarding patient age and gender we can calculate a pupil distance. We also check all of our orders as they come in to make sure that distances our customers give look logical for the data we have. If the pupil distance is ever wrong – and we’re proud to say that we’ve never had any spectacles returned to us so far – you would not suffer any long term ill effect. At worst you’d get a bit of eye strain or a slight headache, which goes when you take the spectacles off. Of course if you do have any problems with your glasses we’ll just change them for you.

GUIDE : Reading Glasses

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

If you are at that certain age and you need help for close work, then you might need some guidance around the issue of reading glasses – for some hints and tips read on – if you can!

When you have an eye examination, your optician will give you a prescription, which usually shows reading and a distance power. If you only have a reading power, then this is what you need to use when buying ready reading glasses. If you have a distance prescription, then the reading power is usually expressed as an add power – the reading prescription will say add next to it. Your optician will need to calculate the power of ready readers for you, so ask them what you need.

Ready readers work the best if your prescription is almost the same in both eyes, preferably exactly the same! Your pupil distance – the distance between your eyes also needs to be fairly average too. If this is not the case, then the glasses will still work, but may not be as comfortable for reading for any length of time. If your eyes are very different powers then you will need to have reading glasses made up for your individual prescription.

The beauty of ready readers is that they are cheap and useful to have around – a pair in your briefcase, your desk, by the books at your bedside. Keep older pairs with weaker prescriptions, they’ll be useful for tasks with less detail at a further distance – ironing, pruning, the computer.

If your ready readers cause headaches, then replace them with an updated prescription, or try them from a different supplier – some brands are made with more precision than others.

My Online Optician Experience!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

If you’re out there in Cyber space thinking of trying online glasses shopping, then let me share my experience with you. It’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s pretty exciting when you get them in the post, and it’s easy when you know how – and with a little help from your friends!

I ordered online because I broke my foot, and in the same accident my metal rim glasses. I wear them for driving, so I thought I’d have time to get them and try them before I could get back on the road. I researched lots of websites, and chose one where I could speak to a real person.

The easy bit was the frame. I liked browsing styles, and went for something similar to my old ones. Glasses frames have a size printed inside the side arm, so I chose a size the same as my old ones. I phoned Charles at the IGC, who confirmed that this would be perfect, and anyway they refund if you don’t like them. I chose the same anti-scratch and non-reflective layers that I always have.

Then you measure the distance from eye to eye – pupil distance. When my girlfriend came round we followed the instructions on the website, more fun than we’d had in ages!! I rang Charles again and he talked me through what we’d done, and was happy with our result. It’s not difficult and I let the website take me through ordering.

I got my glasses last week, and they’re great. I’ve already ordered another pair, having realised that I need a back up. They came to less than I paid at the High Street Optician. Thanks to Charles for his patience!